Eliminator - 17/03/2017

Sandhurst Lake needs no introduction as it has fast become well known due to the fantastic day ticket fishing it provides. Very few day ticket waters give you the chance of a 40lb carp but the Sandhurst venue record currently stands at 44lb with several more fish over the 40lb mark. It is a relatively shallow lake with depths from 2 to 10ft, with an average of approximately 5ft. There is one island from which fishing is permitted, and numerous sand bars and features that can be easily located from a choice of more than 30 swims. The fishery also offers secure parking.

  • Size of Lake 14 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost 3 rods 24 hours - £30
  • Fish Stock 400+ fish
  • Biggest Fish 44lb
  • Features Sand bars, margins, weed
  • Telephone 07766 416223
  • Visit Venue Website
Sandhurst 2017

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Pre Match Report

Sandhurst Lake is an iconic water and always proves popular in our Southern Carp Cup events. The last couple of times it has thrown up some nice fish. Let’s see what this year brings. This venue is ever improving under Nick Leach and has been producing the goods right through last winter.

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Post Match Report

We arrived at Sandhurst Lake Thursday afternoon. Whilst walking round pegging the lake we saw plenty of signs of fish showing themselves. Although it’s still early in the year the conditions weren’t too bad and it looked like there could be a few fish out.

With the Friday 9am draw complete all the anglers made their way to their pegs to get ready for the first hooter at 11am, which allows baiting and marking with the second hooter at noon which signifies the start of the match. We had a long wait for the first fish, but eventually it arrived early Saturday morning. It was a lovely chestnut mirror of 23lb 12oz caught by father and son duo, Terry and Stuart Boardman.

Again there was a long wait until Saturday night when the guys in the next peg landed a fish.  Clifford Baker fishing with partner Peter Hale was looking very happy with himself and I could see why when we lifted his fish onto the scales. The needle shot round to 4ozs  over 40lbs. This fish is known as Nigel’s fish and could well be a contender for this year’s biggest fish prize.

There were no more fish caught, and as we required 3 pairs for the Southern Final at Cottington’s Pepper Lake (Another big fish water) on August 4th, 5th and 6th. We had a cast off to determine 3rd place. After some good casting it was won by Nathan Crowder, which means he and partner Lee Bruce took the remaining place in the final.

Peter Hale - Clifford Baker 40lb 4oz (3)

Winners Peter Hale – Clifford Baker 40lb 4oz

Terry Boardman - Stuart Boardman 23lb 12oz (2)

Runners Up Terry Boardman – Stuart Boardman 23lb 12oz

3rd Place Lee Bruce - Nathan Crowder By Cast Off

3rd Place Lee Bruce – Nathan Crowder
By a Cast Off

L-R 3rd-Lee-Bruce-Nathan-Crowder-1st-Clifford-Baker-Peter-Hale-2nd-Terry-and-Stuart-Boardman

L-R 3rd Lee Bruce – Nathan-Crowder 1st Clifford Baker – Peter Hale 2nd Terry and Stuart Boardman