Barston QA

Eliminator - 28/04/2017

Barston is one of those incredibly prolific carp / match venues that, in the right conditions and on the right day, can produce massive weights. Indeed it is one of only 4 venues in the country to be in the 1000lb club during an official competition. The others being the famous Drayton Reservoir, Thorpe Lea, and Elphicks North Lake. For this qualifier we split the lake into 3 sections of 10 anglers with the top three weights in each section proceeding to the final.
2014 Midlands Qualifier saw Steve Blow and Rob Burgess nearly break the carp match record on here. They were 60lb odd short. Wonder if anyone can do it this year.
Anglers are allowed to use the golf clubhouse which means we have some of the best catering facilities located at a fishery in the country. There is a bar open from 7am, food available at all times to eat in or takeaway, and toilets and showers available. Please bear in mind other users of the clubhouse and we respectfully ask you to remove any outerwear which may have been in contact with fish before going into the clubhouse and not to gatecrash any parties that are going off in the function room.

  • Size of Lake 25 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £8.50 Night fishing members only
  • Fish Stock Huge stock of growing fish
  • Biggest Fish 35lb+
  • Features Margins, islands, silt
  • Telephone 01675 444890
  • Visit Venue Website
Barston Lake 2017

Competitor List

Rank Pairs Weight Fish
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Pre Match Report

A Section Pegging
A1 Paul Branfield / David Martin
A2 Billy Dummer / Ricky Dummer
A3 Jamie Londors / Bobby Marvin
A4 Chris Buck / Michael Morgan
A7 Ste Alford / Dean Crust
A8 Chris Donovan / Darren Pearse
A9 Tony Reynolds / Ashley Izzard

B Section Pegging
B1 Steven Brown / Matt Mackay
B2 Adam Goodwin / Wayne Higgins
B3 Keith Jones / Toby Berry-Morris
B4 Karl Palmer / Callum Gutteridge
B5 Jon Fern / Dean Winsbury
B6 Kevin Locke / Richie Collins
B7 Dan Price / Cliff Kemp
B8 Jamie Simpson / Keith Leech
B9 Phil Reed / Sam Modley

C Section Pegging
C1 Terry Overend / Kevin Greenwood
C2 Simon Bury / Jaye Carpmail
C3 Colin Gray / Mick Ledger
C4 Darren Wilcox / Jason Trought
C5 Nick Singleton / Danny Clark
C6 Steve Blow / Rob Burgess
C7 Paul Butler / Kevin Durling
C8 Sean Pimm / Martin Clifford
C9 Nick Davis / Steve Carrie

MCC Barston Pegging Map

MCC Barston Pegging Map

Post Match Report

This section is often referred to as the section of death because it holds so many fish around the fountain area and competitors can work very hard to amass a decent weight and still not qualify. There were 7 pairs in this section and 3 would go through to the final, so the odds for qualification were good but there were still going to be 4 disappointed pairs at the end. The eventual winners were England international Jamie Londors fishing with best friend Bobby Marvin and between them they brought 69 fish to the scales for a weight of 629lb 9oz and take the victory to book their place in the final.

Runners up spot was taken by Chris Donovan and Scotland international Darren Pearse with 59 fish for 578lb 2oz. Third place went to Paul Branfield and David Martin with 55 fish for 457lb 3oz.

These made up the qualifying places but close behind in fourth with 50 fish for  451lb 7oz Tony Reynolds and Ashley Izzard in the famous fountain peg, however this year there was no wading allowed which seemed to balance things up somewhat as they fell short by a mere 6lb. Close behind them in fifth were brothers, Billy and Ricky Dummer with 39 fish for 439lb 14oz. Then came former Midlands champions Ste Alford and Dean Crust with 28 fish for 244lb 10oz. Last place in this section went to team Wales guys Chris Buck and Michael Morgan.

A section L-R 2nd Darren Pearse - Chris Donovan 1st Jamie Londors - Bobby Marvin 3rd David Martin - Paul Branfield

A section L-R 2nd Darren Pearse – Chris Donovan 1st Jamie Londors – Bobby Marvin 3rd David Martin – Paul Branfield

Jamie Londors - Bobby Marvin (2)

Chris Donovan-Darren Pearse 16lb 12oz-13lb 15oz brace

Paul Branfield - David Martin (6)

Billy and Ricky Dummer (5)

Chris Buck - Michael Morgan (5)


Dean Crust - Ste Alford (2)

Tony Reynolds-Ashley Izzard 18lb 17lb 2oz