Willows Lake

Eliminator - 19/05/2017

Willows lake (old match lake)

The lake is approximately 22 acres in size with depths ranging between 3ft and 12ft, but we will be using the top half nearest the shop. Willows is the carp runs water of the venue with a stock of 7,000 plus carp between 3lb and 30lb plus with an average size of around 15lb.
There are many features on this lake including an island, margins, gravel bars, silt spots and deep channels. The lake has been known to do big weights of carp over 48hr sessions of up to 700lb plus.

There is an onsite tackle shop and Cafe/Burger bar serving hot food and drinks during opening hours. If you would like food delivering to your peg there is a small charge of £1.00 that goes towards the ‘www.carping4charity.com’

Toilets are open 24 hours, 7 days a week with running water. These are cleaned and inspected every day. Drinking water is available from the tap outside.

  • Size of Lake 22 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £20 per 24 hours
  • Fish Stock Large stock with 20lbs and 30lbs+
  • Biggest Fish 30lb+
  • Features Island, margins, gravel bars, bays and silt beds.
  • Telephone 07921 766581
  • Visit Venue Website
Willows Lake 2017

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Pre Match Report

Willows Lake Pegs picked 2017


This lovely lake is a cracking carp match venue, which can produce some staggering weights when everything is in sync. With favourable weather conditions and competent anglers who have the fish in front of them the sky is the limit at Willows.

Post Match Report

This event was a really epic battle for the four qualifying spots in our Southern Final at Cottingtons Pepper Lake in early August. Darren Pearse and Levi Letchford came out second in the draw and picked peg 3 at the side of the spawning bay. The guys put in a good effort to catch 19 fish for a total weight of 189lb 13oz and take the winners spot. The runners up were Tony Reynolds and partner Justin Shields who came fifth in the draw and opted to fish peg 8. They had to work consistently hard with some really accurate casting to snags to catch 23 fish for 166lb 2oz. In third place was David Belew and Steve Lovell with 9 fish for 66lb 15oz. Dave and Steve came out first in the draw and chose peg 4 on the point. The fourth and final qualifying place in this event went to Richie Collins and Kevin Locke who worked hard to also catch 9 fish for 63lb 6oz despite coming well down the draw in 10th place. The eventual winners and runners up steadily caught throughout to build up their weights and give themselves some breathing space. But anyone from 3rd to 7th places could have qualified right up to the end of the match as there was so little between them.

The next Southern event is Q3 at Airfields Mustang Lake which only has 8 pairs and 2 qualifying for the final. This is why we have the extra place up for grabs at this event.

1st Darren Pearse-Levi Letchford

1st Darren Pearse-Levi Letchford

2nd Tony Reynolds-Justin Shields

2nd Tony Reynolds-Justin Shields

3rd Dave Bellew-Steve Lovell

3rd Dave Bellew-Steve Lovell

4th Richie Collins-Kevin Locke

4th Richie Collins-Kevin Locke

Billy Dummer - Ricky Dummer (3)


Charlie Harvey-Ben Lapham

Chris Donovan-Karl Palmer

Cliff Kemp-Brian Byford

Darren Pearse - Levi Letchford (2)

Dave Bellew-Steve Lovell

Neil Richards-Jamie Standbridge

Richie Collins-Kevin Locke (1)


Tony Reynolds-Justin Shields (1)