Airfield Lakes

Eliminator - 09/06/2017

Airfield Lakes is a family run business.
Mustang Lake is a specially designed carp lake set on private farm land. It offers all levels of anglers an excellent chance of catching lots of quality fish.
It has been stocked with over 200 handpicked carp that have been obtained from a mixture of leading UK fiah farmers. There are currently at least 120 known carp between 20-30lbs+. Eight different 30lb+have already been caught, 3 of which were in one day.
There are 14 well-drained comfortable swims with excellent access. Because the fish are young and fast growing they do like to be well fed.
The average depth of the lake is 6ft, the deepest part being 12ft. There are a number of clay bars and humps on the bottom. The margins have been planted with over 15 varieties of reed and sedge.
The fishery has a spacious toilet block with fresh running water. Dogs allowed. Partners allowed. Takeaways delivered. BBQ area. Clean toilet block and shower. Freezer availability for bait and food.
Under no circumstances must landing nets, slings and unhooking mats be bought on to the complex. These will all be provided for you.

  • Size of Lake 5 Acres
  • Type of Lake Booking Only
  • Fish Stock 20s, 30s
  • Biggest Fish 40lb plus
  • Features numerous
  • Telephone 07706 483084
  • Visit Venue Website
Airfield Lakes (Mustang) 2017

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Pre Match Report

Airfield Lakes is a very well known and respected carp water in South Norfolk. It is owned and run by Richard Wilby and consists of two carp lakes, which are only fishable on exclusive lake bookings. Spitfire pool contains two very sought after fish, the Wood Common and the Long Common. Mustang lake now contains countless 30lbers and at least one forty pound plus with a host of backup fish. That’s what makes Airfield such a popular venue.

Mustang 8 pegs picked

Post Match Report

We started at noon Friday as we do for most of our matches and by early evening we had three fish on the scoreboard. Paul Butler fishing on his own had come out of the draw in second place and went into peg 7. He had two fish in little more than the first 2 hours to put him onto 57lb 12oz. Jack Lamb and Brian Byford were first out of the draw bag and selected peg 4, which is on the opposite side of the island to where Paul was fishing. They were the next pair to call for the scales and weighed a 25lb common. There was nothing more out until just after 3am Saturday morning when Paul has his second 32lb + mirror. Between 7:30 and 11am Simon Bury and Jaye Carpmail in peg 3 had two fish which took them straight into second place behind Paul. This is turn pushed Jack and Brian down into third. That was that, with no more fish gracing the bank till mid afternoon. When out of the blue in a space of 2 minutes we witnessed two of Mustangs stunners on the mat. First a zip linear which was banked by Mark Sawyer and Simon Wheeler in peg 5 and cranked the scales round to 29lb 9oz. This was immediately followed by Jack and Brian’s leather coming in at over 27lb. This left them only three ounces behind the guys in peg 3. At just after 9pm we were back in Jack and Brian’s peg when they landed their third fish at 23lb 12oz. This time it was enough to take them back into 2nd place.

The alarms remained silent until the early hours of Sunday when Simon and Jaye had their third fish. Unfortunately it was a stocky of 16lb+ and was not enough to lift them from third. Just over an hour later Simon and Jaye did manage to leapfrog Jack, Brian and Paul with another 30lb+ fish to put them in the lead with 99lb 8oz. Paul was still on 89lb 15oz but now in second place, not far behind were Jack and Brian on 75lb 15oz. There was very little between the three pegs when you consider the size of fish in Mustang and with a good few hours of the competition left it was still wide open. This was definitely squeaky bum time as only the top two go through to the Southern Final at Cottingtons Pepper lake at the beginning of August.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for the final hooter to sound and it looked like no more fish would be out, but with under 15 minutes remaining we had a fish on! It was promptly weighed, photographed and returned to the water. It pulled the Reubens round to 22lb 1oz. The captures were Micah Judah and Jonathan Fisher in peg 6.

The two qualifiers could now relax as the hooter sounded signifying the end of the match.

Simon and Jaye took first place with an awesome display of angling. These guys came 7th out of 8 in the draw and with only pegs 2 and 3 remaining they opted to fish peg 3. They ended up casting the their left into a bay where they found 2 suitable spots and managed to take two fish off each. Paul took his fish from the bottom of the island shelf, but as he caught early in the match he had to hang on for a good 20 hours. Due to the size of the fish he caught he still managed to finish in runners up spot, even though the fish moved out and he couldn’t manage another run before the end.

Simon Bury 29lb 6oz - Jaye Carpmail

Paul Butler 32lb 3oz (1)

Brian Byford - Jack Lamb 25lb 1oz (2)

Mark Sawyer 29lb 9oz - Simon Wheeler (2)

Micah Judah 22lb 1oz - Jonathan Fisher

L-R Winners Jaye Carpmail - Simon Bury  2nd place Paul Butler (2)