Q4 Newbridge Lake

Eliminator - 27/04/2018

This is a beautiful venue. It is full of ghosties and as they are very prominent in this fishery we do allow these fish to count.
Newbridge Lake is one of the Premier Lakes in the North of England. Nearly 7 acres in size and surrounded by 8 acres of picturesque woodland.
It is stocked with approx. 1000 carp. 95% of these are double figure. Over 100 are over 20lb with at least 8 different 30lb+ carp

Michelle will provide food to the bank side if she is notified the afternoon before hand.

Toilets on site.

Lake records for the carp are:-

Common carp 36lb 2oz, Mirror carp 30lb 4oz, Ghost carp 33lb 11oz

  • Size of Lake 7 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £20 for 24 hours
  • Fish Stock Good stock of mirrors and commons
  • Biggest Fish 36lb 2oz common
  • Features Margins, Island
  • Telephone 07817 058054
  • Visit Venue Website
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