Albans Lakes, Willows Lake

Final - 06/09/2019

The whole lake will be used

The lake is approximately 22 acres in size with depths ranging between 3ft and 12ft.  Willows is the carp runs water of the venue with a stock of 7,000 plus carp between 3lb and 30lb plus with an average size of around 15lb.
There are many features on this lake including an island, margins, gravel bars, silt spots and deep channels. The lake has been known to do big weights of carp over 48hr sessions of up to 700lb plus.

There is an onsite tackle shop and Cafe/Burger bar serving hot food and drinks during opening hours. If you would like food delivering to your peg there is a small charge of £1.00 that goes towards the ‘’

Toilets are open 24 hours, 7 days a week with running water. These are cleaned and inspected every day. Drinking water is available from the tap outside. There is also a new toilet block on the Farm Lake.

Gate opening and closing times 1st April – 31st October 7am to 8pm

Postcode AL4 0RY

  • Size of Lake 22 acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £20 per 24 hours
  • Fish Stock Large stock with 20lbs and 30lbs+
  • Biggest Fish 30lb+
  • Features Island, margins, gravel bars, bays and silt beds.
  • Telephone 07921 766581
  • Visit Venue Website
Albans Lakes, Willow Lake 2019

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

This event was originally organised to be fun with a slight competitive edge and was intended to be our end of year curtain closer which could be enjoyed by any mix of male and female competitors. This is why it is so popular and in demand. We have a break on Saturday afternoon for a food and drink social, which everybody attends and gives the lake a breather. The home of this match is Willows Lake, part of the Albans Lakes trio of waters. This year we dropped the rod limit to three per pair maximum due to the lower than normal water levels occurring on the complex. We also bought the format into line with our other finals by allowing it to be decided by each pairs three best fish. These changes along with the pre-existing out of the bag draw make it as fair as possible for every competitor. Unlike our other finals we decided to weight this one in pounds and ounces.

We went all in at 11:30 am Friday with no pre-baiting or marking before hand. On Saturday afternoon, between 1 and 4 pm we broke for the 3 hour social which was attended by all competitors and match officials. The match resumed prior to prime bite time and with the water being line free during the social. This made a huge difference, allowing the fish to move and feed freely prior to the restart. As expected, the fish started to come from all area’s of the lake as each pair were trying to build a healthy three fish total. Seventeen pairs took part this year, thirteen of them recorded three fish catches, two pairs caught two fish each with only the final two pairs blanking. Again, just like at Barston a couple of weeks ago, the scoreboard changed on a regular basis throughout the 48 hours. Come Sunday late morning we had three pairs on 60lbs+ for three fish, giving an average of 20lb+ per fish. Even the fourth placed pair of Linzi and Terry Overend (father and daughter) finished with a 19lb+ average and that was despite them having to pack up early to get taken home by the AA due to their car breaking down at the start of the match. This Mixed event was exciting till the end with fish being lost to pairs who were in the running on Sunday morning. In the end there was less than 2lb separating the top three. The 2019 Mixed champions are Kellie Margerrison and Jamie Taylor-Card with a three fish total of 62lb 1oz. They received £600 prize money, personalised Reuben Heaton scales and trophies. Second place was taken by Madison Hubbard and Chris Perssey with 60lb 14oz. They took home £300 prize money and trophies. In third place on 60lb 4oz were Jennifer Garrett and Craig Hook (who also finished third last year). Jen and Craig got £220 prize money and trophies. Congratulations to the top three and a very well done to all the other competitors who gave it their best shot. The scoreboard clearly shows just how close it was between them all.

Annamarie Kollo – Gyula Samogyi

Becky Sharman – Shaun Sharman

Emma Murphy – Brian Byford

Brian Seton-Smith – Sue Seton-Smith

Madison Hubbard

Emma Murphy – Brian Byford

Jamie Taylor-Card – Kellie Margerrison

Jenna Lamb-Jack Lamb

Jennifer Garrett-Craig Hook

Joanne Barlow-David Barlow

Linzi Overend – Terry Overend

Miranda Brown – Neil Rivers

Richie Mellors – Joanne Lofts

Sam Ely – Matt Oakley

Sam Hoskins – Doug Harding

L-R 2nd Chris Purssey-Madison Hubbard, 1st Jamie Taylor-Card-Kellie Margerrison, 3rd Craig Hook-Jennifer Garrett

Winners Jamie Taylor-Card-Kellie Margerrison