Q5 Wetlands Carp Fishery

Eliminator - 21/06/2019

Fishing is by day ticket, 24 hour tickets are by invite only.
Our lake is approximately 9.5 acres in size and has many features and islands for the Carp and fisherman alike. We have a great head of carp from stunning Common Carp, clean and scaled up Mirror Carp to Ghost Carp and Koi Carp. We also remove the high doubles from the match lake each year and relocate them in the specimen lake.
As a result of this we have a lot of mid to high teens carp with a quite a few over 20lb. The biggest to date is nearly 32lb with another not far behind.
There are toilets and showers next to the cafe and a portaloo at other end of lake in the car park.
Maximum of 3 rods on here. Set within the Wetlands Animal Park it is all part of the same complex.
Cafe is open in the morning from 8am – 9am only (Except Tuesdays and Thursdays). A full english breakfast is available with hot drink as are hot sandwiches and beverages. A breakfast service is available for overnighters although at present this consists of hot sandwiches. Sausage, Sausage and egg,bacon and bacon and egg. Details can be found in the huts on the pegs.
The main toilet block is situated near the Cafe. At the rear of the toilet block is also a shower room which costs £1 for 10mins or 20p per minute for a glorious hot shower. Great for longer sessions and even better for winter.
Wetlands Tackle Tin is now "open" and sells a range of terminal tackle from a range of manufacturers such as Taska, JK Angling, NGT etc as well as luggage, fish care, cradles, landing nets etc etc.
Wet Baits is Wetlands Tackle Tin own range of high quality boilies in both freezer and shelf life. They have several main flavours for both summer and winter campaigns and a few guest flavours throughout the year.
Wetlands Tackle Tin and Wet Baits are on Facebook and can be contacted through those pages
or contact Dave Wilson on 07919 313844.
Wetlands Lakes, Low Road, Sutton Cum Lound, Near Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8SB

  • Size of Lake 9.5 Acres
  • Type of Lake Specimen
  • Ticket Cost Day Ticket £10 - 24hr Ticket £20
  • Fish Stock Plenty of Carp in teens and 20s
  • Biggest Fish 31lb+
  • Features Finger Islands, Shallows
  • Telephone 07762 300059
  • Visit Venue Website
Wetlands Carp Fishery 2019

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

We used this lake for our first two televised ladies singles events in 2015 and 2016, but unfortunately as the ladies carp scene expanded we outgrew the venue. The launch of this years singles event gave us our first chance to return. Following the noon start on Friday it was seven hours before the first fish graced the bank, it was an 18lb 13oz mirror caught by Shane Fletcher from peg 2. Tony Reynolds in peg 10 joined him on the scoreboard by catching an 18lb+ mirror himself. That proved to be the last of the action on Friday.

Around 2am Saturday peg 3’s Mark Sawyer was awaken by all three of his alarms sounding at the same time. When he looked out, he wondered if he was dreaming as he saw what he described to me as a marsupial sat by his rods looking back at him. As he came out it hopped up the bank towards Jamie Londors in the next peg. He got the same treatment from the escapee as his rods also got disturbed. When Mark shone his head torch on the creature it hopped off into the darkness and wasn’t seen again until it was recaptured later in the day and return to it’s enclosure. Kang roo believe it!!!  Says Mark Sawyer of the Angling Times. Strange things happen on the bank.

The rest of Saturday proved even more eventful as we had 23 fish grace the weigh sling and activate the Reuben Heaton Sports scales. By the end of the day we had 9 out of the ten competitors on the scoreboard and a real tussle developing for the top three podium places.

Sunday morning saw four fish out to three anglers, Jamie Londors had a 20lb 13oz mirror, which was his biggest fish and gave him victory. Tony Reynolds had a brace weighing 17lb 10oz and 23lb 3oz and put him in runners up spot. Finally Simon Wheeler had the biggest fish of the weekend, a 25lb 1oz mirror which was enough for him to take third with less than 5lb separating him and Tony. Although Jamie and Tony came out second and third in the draw and chose their pegs Simon came out last and had to fish what was left.

The top three anglers had over 300lb between them. The following pack were not far behind on Saturday night but the Sunday morning flurry was enough to decide the result.

Ben Timson 18lb 14oz

Ben Taylor 20lb 2oz

Mick Day 24lb 14oz

Mark Sawyer 17lb 7oz

Mark and Jamie’s 2am visitor

Shane Fletcher 18lb 13oz

Jack Johnson 21lb 2oz

Simon Wheeler 25lb 1oz

Tony Reynolds 23lb 3oz

Jamie Londors 20lb 13oz

L-R 2nd Tony Reynolds, 1st Jamie Londors, 3rd Simon Wheeler