Q1 Branston Water Park

Eliminator - 01/03/2019

This is a large mature gravel pit of approx 29 acres. All pegs are made for the carp angler and each has their own rules. These can be found on the Burton Mutual web site. There is a good stock of Mirror and Commons, aprox 300. The biggest having been caught at 43lb 8oz. Barbed hooks only and use of leaders inc lead core is allowed.
The bay between the car park and the canal is the deepest area (16’), the depth gets shallower the further you go along the pool with there being only 3’ along the reed beds. There are islands along the middle of the pool.
There are toilets on site. The gates are locked in the evenings but we will have a key to allow people in and out. There are takeaways in the village of Branston right next door.
We are very sorry but practice sessions are not allowed on this water. Fair to everyone then.

  • Size of Lake 29 Acres (approx)
  • Type of Lake Private Fishing
  • Ticket Cost Membership Only - Burton Mutual Angling Assoc
  • Fish Stock Plenty of double figures
  • Biggest Fish 43lb 8oz
  • Features Islands, depth, shallows, reeds
  • Visit Venue Website
Branston Water Park 2019

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

Starting this early in the year is always a risky business and this qualifier proved precisely that point. We did have two fish out, which was enough to give us our winners and runners up. Third place however had to be divided by the dreaded cast off (This was never required at all during last year’s events). We set the casting distance at approximately 36 metre’s and the target area was a forward facing diamond shape, created out of red and white barrier tape and bivvy pegs on the ground. Each of the five competing pegs proceeded to have three casts at the target, which went in peg order. Peg 1, Darren Pearse unfortunately couldn’t find the target. Peg 2, Damien Watts missed with his first but then got his second and third in the area. Peg 3, Dan Holliday couldn’t hit the target either. Peg 4, Michael Warrillow missed with his first, got his second in and missed with his third. Last up was Dean Crust from peg 5 who did exactly the same as peg 2. That meant that peg 2 and 5 had to carry on until we had a winner. Damien missed with his next three while Dean missed with his first go and  his second landed right in the centre. This gave us our third place qualifiers, which seemed quite fair as Dean lost a fish that snagged him up during the match. Keith and Toby also lost two in addition to the 10lb 7oz fish they banked on Saturday morning. Simon and Phil Bury landed an 18lb 14oz common at around 8pm Saturday evening. Apart from that Darren Pearse and Levi Letchford in peg 1 had a screamer on Friday night, which they managed to land but it turned out to be a 10lb+ tench.

Toby Berry 10lb 7oz – Keith Jones

Phil Bury – Simon Bury 18lb 14oz

L-R 3rd Ste Alford-Dean Crust, 2nd Keith Jones-Toby Berry, 1st Phil and Simon Bury