- 17/05/2017

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

Jon Fern and Dean Winsbury went in to an early lead on Friday with a seven fish catch from peg 9.

Tim Hickinbotton and Rich Beardmore in peg 5 were following in second with three fish. The only other pair to catch on Friday were Jamie Standbridge and Neil Richards with one. As is normally the case, Saturday saw a rapid improvement with the catch rates. Jon and Dean bagged another eleven fish to extend their lead at the top. While Tim and Rich added nine more. Jamie and Neil also bought another 9 to the scales as the match started to heat up. Two new pairs now came onto the scoreboard as Karl Palmer and Darren Pearse came from nowhere with seven fish. Thomas Duncan-Dunlop and James Bake also had a good day with five. We now had the prospects of an exciting finale.

Tim and Rich had nine fish on Sunday morning to snatch the victory out of Jon and Deans hands, they could only add one more which was enough for them to secure second place.

Third were Jamie and Neil who had three on the last morning.

Karl and Darren banked four more while Thomas and James had five but both pairs suffered for their Friday blanks. Liam Morgan and Wayne Fearon caught a 16lber to save the blank.

There were some tremendous weights in this one with the top three putting almost 840lb on the scales. While the fourth and fifth placed pairs had in excess of 330lb between them. There were 75 fish caught in this match for a total weight of 1192lb 11oz, giving an average of almost 15lb per fish. What a quality carp match venue Willow Park is becoming.

Tim Hickinbottom 16lb 13oz – Rich Beardmore 12lb 9oz

Darren Pearse 15lb – Karl Palmer 14lb 15oz

James Blake – Thomas Duncan Dunlop 18lb 12oz

Neil Richards 16lb 1oz – Rich Beardmore

Jon Fern 14lb 4oz – Dean Winsbury

L-R 3rd Jamie Standbridge-Neil Richards, 1st Tim Hickinbottom-Rich Beardmore, 2nd Jon Fern-Dean Winsbury